Welcome to the SELBAC website!!
          Welcome to the  SELBAC  website!!                    

Helpful Web sites for Geocachers

The link above takes you to the web page for GSAK. Its a free to use program that runs on Windows desktops. It is probably the most useful program for geocachers!


Apple MAC users can run this via the EWindows emulator available on this platform.


You can download your pocket querries into GSAK where you can use comprehensive tools to filter the caches to your requiements. It can look a bit daunting at first, but it will soon be indispensible to you!


Paying a small fee to register GSAK will remove the nag screens. The author is constantly updasting and supporting this program.


I beleve there is a user guide available on the net to help with the ins and outs of GSAK.

Project GC is a web based site that offers lots of useful features to any user but is at its best if  you register for a small fee. It has many tools and features. The authors have been helpful in the past when we've asked for advice and help. There are videos on YouTube.

Offers help with solving puzzle caches.

This site offers some help with using GPS devices. Some info is free, some at cost.

This has a number of useful tools for all Geocachers!

A good place to find out all about Geocaching and it's history.

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