Welcome to the SELBAC website!!
          Welcome to the  SELBAC  website!!                    

Cache Placement

At a recent SELBAC meet, the Long Man Reviewer gave us a lecture about what a Reviewer does to help  in our hobby. He gave us some useful web sites for into to make your cache placement much easier!


The button below will take you to the geocaching guidelines. Lots of useful info here on how to place a cache.

Groundspeak Helpcentre

These pages offer help with all aspects of geocaching.... well worth a look!

GC.com Wiki UK

This gives info on local guidelines for the UK and links to many landowner sites.

Magic Mapit

This shows you cache locations on Magic Maps with areas which require proof of permission to place.

How to use Magic

This explains how to use Magic and what the various buttons do.

UK Land areas

This lists areas where specific permission is required to place a cache.

United Kingdom Other Land Areas

This lists areas where you may have issues placing caches and where permission may be required.

UK Landowner Agreements

This lists Landowners and managers who approve placement of geocaches or who do not allow it.

Why your cache may not be published

A list of common reasons for caches not being published.

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